Amperia 16

Over the course of one year (from october 2015 to september 2016) our team designed and built our first electric powered motorcycle for our participation at the design championship of “MotoStudent”: the “Amperia 16”.
The three main components design by us are – the main frame, a trellis steel-frame-design, – the swingarm, a aluminium-welded design and the battery, which contains nearly 500 lithium-ion-cells and is the heart of our bike. Furthermore we have implemented a custom-tailored cooling system. The host of the event has set the electric motor, the braking system, the wheels and the tires as a requirement. These components are the same for every team and cant be modified.

Technical Data of the Amperia 16:
– Power: 20kW (27 HP)
– maximum Torque at the backwheel: 370 Nm
– maximum velocity: 150 km/h (93,2 mph)
– mass: 128,5 kg
– capacity of the battery: 4 kWh
– range: ca. 30 km (19miles) in racemode
– built for the 5,1 km (3.1 miles)long racetrack at Motorland Aragon (race: 5 rounds of 5.1 km)