Moto Engineering 2021 (Season I):
The all new Moto Engineering competition first took place in fall 2021. Similar to the MotoStudent Seasons the teams got judged in a dynamic and static part. Each of those contain different challenges. In the first edition only the ten best teams of the MotoStudent Season VI were invited. Our compeptitors were teams from Italy but also Poland, Spain and Hungary!

– rank 1 in dynamics-part
– rank 5 in overall ranking

MotoStudent 2019/2020/2021 (Season VI):
The team once again got bigger up to 30 members, which helped us get very good results in the overall ranking. Due to the covid-19-pandemic the season delayed an addditional year. A lot of changes let to a new Amperia 21 prototype and an 8 th place in the MotoStudent Electric Category.

MotoStudent 2017/2018 (Season V):

The eLaketric Team has grown, and now consists of about 25 students. Our motorcycle and our team materials are resplendent in our new corporate design, our colors white, anthracite and sea-green. The improvements to Amperia 18 have allowed us to compete on even footing with top-teams from major international universities (Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Bologna, Modena, Prague). 

In a pool of 27 teams, we achieve a 6th place in the final race, and the 5th place in the overall ranking.


  • Distinction with the Motostudent Inoovation Award (Best Innovation Project) for our adaptive energy management system. 
  • Distinction by the UAS faculty “Electrical Engineering and Information Technology” for excellent innovative spirit. 

MotoStudent 2015/2016 (Season IV):

eLaketric ist he first team of a german university to ever participate in the MotoStudent competition. Despite being a newcomer (“Rookie Team”) in a field of 17 teams, we manage to take the 4th place, both in the final race and in the overall ranking.


  • 1st place in the brake test (MS2)
  • Distinction with the ETO-Award as the best practice-oriented project of the UAS Constance.


The eLaketric Team is founded by students participating in the Econ-project, with the support of initiator Prof. Dr. F. Lang. The Econ-Project studied configurations of modular eletromobiles and was completed in 2015.

In fall 2015, the eLaketric team registers subsequently for the MotoStudent competition.

In just one year, the eLaketric team successfully puts together a competent project team and constructs its first prototype, the Amperia 16.