Young, innovative and future oriented. These are adjective which describe the Motostudent championship. In it engineering teams, made up of students of universities from all over the world take part unter the slogan #TheRaceofEngineers. They compete in conception, design and manufacturing of a motorbike prototype. Motostundent organizes the championship, which is devided into two cathegories, an electric one (since 2015), in which our team competes, and one for combustion motors (since 2009).
The assessment is again divided into two parts, MS1 and MS2.

MS1: The disciplines of “MS1” consist of document duties, which are spread out over the whole season. Here for example a detailed design 3D-CAD-model has to be made, innovation have to described and business plans and cost analyses have to be carried out. At the final event in Aragon a presentation has to be held. Assessed are these documents by a team of highly qualified Engineers of the motorbike industry.

MS2: For the second part of the championship the finished motorbike is needed. All tests are carried out on the Motorland Aragon FIM racetrack. Parts of these are static tests which examine the safety of the prototype aswell as dynamic tests. E.g an acceleration test, a brake test, a gymkhana parcous, which challenges the handling of the motorbike and a final race over 6 rounds with a mass start. Every component has to work perfecty and interact optimally with others to achieve the best possible result.
The score of MS1 and MS2 are combined in the final result.
Motorstundent implement creativity, innvation and team spirit. The teams have to master new challenges and have proove their knowledge and ability.