Amperia 18

The Amperia 18 builds on many aspects and components of Amperia 16, while benefiting from a variety of new and innovative concepts and designs. A more compact construction in the style of a Moto3-Maschine results in a motorcycle that is ten centimeters lower and eight centimeters narrower than its predecessor. These changes, combined with the significantly more powerful motor that was used by all teams in the 2017/2018 season resulted in significant improvements to our acceleration and top speed.

Additionally, we played special importance on improvements to our chassis and a more compact battery construction. 

As in the season 2015/16, frame and fork were of our team’s own design and construction, while the wheel rim, tire, as well as parts of the brake system were prescribed by competition regulations. 

  • When designing the frame, we once again based our design on the tubular steel frame concept. By improving on our past designs, we achieved a weight reduction and and by including a continuous framework tube, we gained greater stability and improved our ease of manufacturing. 
  • The basic construction of the fork is based directly on the preceding model (Aluminum pipe welding construction). The new fork features an improved chassis link, reducing weight and space requirements.
  • A new method of cell contacting allows for a much more compact construction. Despite improving our battery’s capacity by 50%, we managed to almost maintain our battery’s weight, by using improved components, battery cells with greater energy density, and the aforementioned cell contacting method. We maintained our air cooling concept. 
  • Our self-designed dashboard gives our driver a compact overview of all relevant information. 

Technical factsheet „Amperia 18“:

– Power: 28 kW (about 38 PS)

– Maximum torque at the rear wheel: 480 Nm

– Top speed: 171 km/h

– Weight: 127,5 kg

– Battery capacity: About 6 kWh

– Range while in racing configuration: About 30 km (Designed for the 25,5 km race during the Moto Student final event at the Motorland Aragon)