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We are a team of students at the Constance University of Applied Sciences (UAS Constance). Every two years we develop, design and construct an electric racing motorcycle under the rules and conditions of the international MotoStudent competition. To achieve excellent results, our team combines skillsets from almost all faculties of our university. In doing so, we provide our members with opportunities to apply and expand their theoretical knowledge, gain greater practical experience and develop enthusiasm for motorsport. 

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about us

We are an interdisciplinary team at the University for Applied Sciences Constance (UAS), made up of students from a wide variety of different UAS faculties. Naturally this includes mechanical and electrical engineers, but that only scratches the surface. Business lawyers, computer scientists, communication designers and much more all cooperate in contributing their part to the team’s overall success. To ensure an excellent result in the MotoStudent competition, our team requires not only an innovative and reliable technical concept, but also a well thought-out business plan, adequate consideration of legal considerations, a well-designed external image and consistent project management.

Currently, we are participating in the MotoStudent competition for the fourth time, and we’re giving it out all to achieve a top-3 placement this season. Further we are planning to compete in the italian Moto-Engineering-Event and the Wójcik Electric Race in Poland.